Your business financials all in order, fast, easy and safe, with UCPAY Business.

Open an account instantly

Download the UCPAY on your phone, register and get your account details instantly. You can now start using your account on the same day.

Choose your plan to save money and time

We have created a set of handy plans, designed to cover all your needs. Select the one that best fits your business transaction needs and save precious time and money!

Open multiple accounts as per your business needs

You can register for as many business accounts as you require, managing your transactions at all times from the palm of your hand!

Instant notifications

Get notified about all changes on your account in real time and in safe mode, a timesaving feature for the busy businesspersons on the run!

Send and receive payments from all over the world

Your business will never feel the borders with multicurrency payments across the globe


Get your IBAN instantly with UCPAY


Pay through our wide SEPA and SWIFT network of accounts


Exchange currency with the lowest fees

Your business is
   safe with us

UCPAY is a company regulated by FCA

FCA ensures that our services meet financial conduct regulations in the interest of the consumer.

Your funds are safeguarded by first class global banks

Security of your funds is guaranteed at all times, as all UCPAY transactions are safeguarded by trusted global banking institutions.

Protection and data encryption

We are following the highest standards of digital protection to keep your data and transactions safe at all times.

Here’s How it Works

Your financial life all in order. Get instant access and manage your accounts and cards, send and receive money around the world with the handy UCPAY and save time and money!


Download UCPAY App on Android or iOS

Download the UCPAY App on your phone or tablet and sign-up in quick and easy steps.

Create your unique account

Select the account type that best suits your business or personal needs and create one or more digital accounts with unique IBANs.

Keep your money safe

Manage all your accounts in one place, and transfer money fast and easy.

Stay secure all the time

UCPAY is a service provider you can depend on for all your local and international financial transactions.

Make all your transactions instantly

Transfer money in your account and start sending and receiving payments anywhere you are.